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About us

Les Établissements André Debrie and Pathé are the main inventors and manufacturers of the French professional film equipment.Since 1898, DEBRIE has been constantly innovating and designing new solutions for film preservation. It has since registered more than 400 patents in France.

Today, Debrie offers a complete range of film equipment: inspection and rewinding tables, traditional and digital viewing tables, cleaning machines, restoration equipment and scanners.

Our production

Viewing & Scanning digital table PERFECTA 5,1K
2 in 1 unique solution for Archives
  • Enhanced ergonomy for viewing, inspection, physical restoration and film editing
  • Simplified film loading
  • Analysis of defects
  • Multi format: from 8 to 35mm
  • 5K / 4K / 2K / HD
  • For use as a traditional horizontal film editing table
  • Film drive by capstan
  • Picture stabilization through the perforation analysis
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The best complete scanning solution for Archives
  • Fast and easy operation
  • Unique Ballistic Following Scanning (BFS ®) system
  • Longer time of exposure compared to flash scanners
  • Multi format: from 8 to 35mm
  • 5K / 4K / 2K / HD
  • Sprocketless laser detection
  • Picture stabilization through the perforation analysis
  • High-power LED source
  • 2 in 1: KOLIBRI workstation and software
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Cleaning machine ULTRACLEAN
The best cleaning solution for your films
  • Low solvent consumption
  • High cleaning speed
  • PLC management
  • Better comfort for the user
  • Dual cleaning process with brushes & ultrasonic action
  • HFE or Perchloroethylene as cleaning agent
  • Continuous solvent recovery & distillation
  • Closed loop air drying
  • Film drive by capstan
  • Control of brushes speed rotation
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Rejuvenating machine CLARA
Specially designed for Archives
  • Designed for both old and new films
  • Several cleaning modes
  • Unique lifting mechanism
  • PLC management
  • Full rejuvenating process
  • Fast and efficient drying unit
  • Demand-drive
  • Integrated pumps
  • Ultrasonic cavitation (option)
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Rewinding tables: RT series // EV series
  • Strong, reliable, easy and fast maintenance
  • Respect of archival and damaged films
  • Retractable core
  • Comfort for the operator
  • Designed for 16 and 35 mm
  • One direction or reverse
  • Manual or electric
  • 600 or 1200 m capacity
  • Constant tension (EV)
  • Variable speed (EV – RT)
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Viewing & Inspection tables HDC: 16 // 16.35 // 35 series
  • Strong, reliable, simple and fast maintenance
  • Wide range of options to meet all needs
  • Great facility to switch the format 16 or 35 mm (16.35 Series)
  • Very easy comparison of two films (16 & 35 series)
  • Pivoting desk to facilitate movement and maintenance
  • Respect of the film and user comfort
  • Image by image control by a handle
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Second-hand equipment

Electric rewinding table

Capacity: 600 m
Format: 16/35 mm
Power: 110/220 V - 50/60 Hz - 10 Amp

Available options:
OP222 - 2 PTR D=76 mm with mountings

Inspection tables

Capacity: 600 m
Format: 16 or 35 mm
Power: 110/220 V - 50/60 Hz - 6 Amp

Available options:
OP200 - Simple shelf (included)
OP80 - Multi unit counter
OP240 - 16 mm sprocket + encoder (OP 80 is


After-sales Service
DEBRIE exclusively supports all the film equipment from CTM and DEBRIE. All the drawings, manuals and spare parts are available. The same technical team for 25 years supports our equipment all around the world!
DEBRIE provides training on all our film equipment all around the world.<

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